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I Cant'ieriI Cant'ieriI Cant'ieriI Cant'ieri

Welcome to the official website of "I Cant'ieri"!

The ambition of forming a folk band specialized in Pizzica and taranta has always interested a group of people who hasconstantly cultivated a big passion for music. This is the reason why “I Cant’ieri” was born.

The name “Cant’ieri” is a dialectal word, made by the fusion of two words, to denote aged and traditional songs (“Canti di ieri” in Italian) from Southern Italy; this kind of songs has always caught the good listener’s attention thanks to its unusual sounds.

The word “Cant’ieri” (it sounds like “construction sites” in Italian) also refers to them because it is thought to underline our incessant work that, day by day, builds something new and helpful to improve our musical background.

Thanks to its engaging “power”, it’s perfect not only to be listened but especially to be danced.




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